Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today was a momentous occasion: I celebrated the one year anniversary of starting to climb. Not that I'd never climbed before, but it was end of January or early February of last year when Wil and I resolved to climb consistently and started going to the gym. Or was it later? Because I moved into Winthrop in April... Hmmm. Anyway, one year anniversary is what we'll call it. So I bought a used rope, a 10mm Mammut, and started (well, properly, continued, since I've had tri-cams for a while) a rack.
I am now the proud owner of miscellaneous curved nuts with smiley faces, between sizes 12 and 3, #1 and #2 C4 camalots, a dozen neutrino wire gates , 8 dyneema slings, and 3 more metolius quickdraws. My tri-cams span the small gap between my 12 nut and the #1, so I have a pretty big range covered.
I'm not dying to go out and use this stuff so much as I'm dying to go out toprope soloing, so I may do that soon.