Monday, October 27, 2014

Climbing recap for most of 2014

Wow, I look back and realize I owe more than a year's worth of climbing updates. Yikes!

So, last summer and fall I remember doing the following:  
  • climbing Summer Sojourn with Anil, me getting really bad nausea from wearing new, distorting sunglasses, and him getting a food allergy after we got down, but not before encountering a massive rattlesnake on the descent trail!
  • training to increase my knees' endurance and my altitude tolerance on the Cathedral lakes trail, 
  • climbing on Dozier Dome (was it Holdless Horror?) with Josh, 

  • making another attempt on BCS with Josh and Terri,
  • climbing (and getting hailed on!) at Clark Canyon with Theresa.

Then I started a new job right after BCS, and late fall 2013 and winter is a blur.

In spring Theresa and I started training a bit more in earnest, and went out to New Jack City a few times.

In early summer we made a trip to Dome Rock and I took Theresa up her first trad multi-pitch, Tree Route. We also did Permanent Income Hypothesis a couple times, with T. leading, and all the time I was training in the gym with Jason and Anil.

Jason, Theresa and I teamed up for a Tuolumne weekend in which I led West Country on Stately Pleasure Dome, and then we practiced crack climbing at guide cracks the next day.

And in October Theresa and I went to Red Rocks where we played on the Panty Wall the first day, T. led Big Bad Wolf on day 2, and I led the first pitch of Ragged Edges on day 3. We were having too much fun to take pics :)

So, it's been a slow year, mostly due to the new job and due to the project of moving Koan up to the Bay Area taking up so many weekends, but not altogether a bad year!

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